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September Tarotscopes for Each of the Zodiac Signs

Plus an astrological breakdown for the month ahead

What's in store for September?
As we start off September we are swimming in some big reflective energy as we have Virgo season happening with a mercury retrograde in the same sign plus Venus retrograde finishing up. We began Virgo season and mercury retrograde on August 23rd making this retrograde ultra-commutation focused as well as focused on healing. This is a slower month of integration of the lessons of both retrogrades and a time of pause for many of the zodiac signs. Venus retrograde in Leo will be in play until it finally leaves on September 3rd, allowing us to move forward in our relationships, finances and matters of the heart now that we have had ample time to bathe in the lessons of the retrograde. On September 14th we have a new moon in Virgo, the perfect time to set intentions around our routines, health and our communications and a great time for some fall cleaning and reorganizing. On September 15th Mercury stations direct and our retrograde is at an end, however its shadow will last until September 30th. On the 22nd, Libras everywhere rejoice as we officially enter their season, and Mother Earth rejoices with them, bringing us the fall equinox the next day of September 23rd, a time of balance and celebration for our harvest as we welcome in the season of fall and the begin of entering the wintering cycle. We will close out the month with a full moon in Aries on September 29th. The Aries/Libra axis is all about “I” and “Us,” so we could find tension heating up between our sense of self, perhaps our need for independence, and harmony in our relationships. Our confidence may be boosted and we might feel called to spend some time on our inner relationship with ourselves, a helpful break from the energies of Libra season which will have us focused on our relationships and compromise, as well as prioritizing balance and harmony.
Card for this month: The Empress
Collectively, we are expanding our threshold of receiving and our beliefs in what we deserve. Often, this card will have us presented with situations that are entirely less than we deserve to push us into remembrance of our worth so there is an energy of internal revelations through some tension, perhaps. This card is ruled by Venus, and we have the end of the Venus Retrograde taking place in the beginning of this month as well as the start of Libra season, a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is here to teach us lessons in our relationships and to have us reconnect with our values and heart space. Where can we let more love in? Where are we still playing small and keeping love at arms length? These are the questions the Empress asks us to ponder this month.
The shadow card for this month is the Hierophant Reversed which is adding energies of deconditioning and a release/restructuring of our belief system. This works hand in hand with the Empress as she is inviting us to change our beliefs around our worth, abundance in general, and how much we believe that we are deserving of success, blessings and love. This is a month of contemplation, reflection and of big release for all the zodiac signs.
Tarot-scopes for the Zodiac Signs
What energy awaits you and what advice is being given? Check Sun, Moon and Rising!
Aries: 3 of Pentacles RV
This month sees you stepping into deeper work that is aligned with your heart space. What is your path and how can you further commit to it? When this card is in the reversal usually it indicates that there are still some places in us that do not fully believe in the value of our work, our path and what we have to offer. Most of this month is spent in retrograde which gives you the perfect opportunity to go inward and confront any areas of lack of self-belief or fear/hesitation in fully committing to that which you know is your purpose. The 3 of pentacles is about the work that we do in the world and often the work that we are here to do on a soul purpose level. This is not a time for distractions and great progress can be made now if you put in the dedication.
Advice: commit to your path and the work you are doing
Taurus: 10 of Cups
A cycle is wrapping up and you can celebrate. Jupiter is currently in your sign, after all, so the energy of abundance is present with you. Jupiter will also be meeting up with your sign’s ruler, Venus, later this month and you are asked to be fully present so you can receive those blessings. Oftentimes, the 10 of cups shows up in subtle ways that we could miss if we're not paying attention. As such, this brings a message of presence. There are so many beautiful, abundant things around you now yet they could get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life if you're not careful. Use this month to honor all your blessings, big and small, and notice how much you are cared for. This card brings rainbows after rain and asks you to stop what you are doing and appreciate them. Spending extra time this month with family and loved ones will only add to the feelings of warmth and love that are associated with this card. Know that your relationships are blessings and wealth and celebrate those in your life who fill your cup.
Advice: drop into deep presence and open to the joy/blessings around you
Gemini: 6 of Wands
The 6 of wands represents the halfway point of a journey – you’re still moving towards your goals but you have already accomplished so much. This card brings deep healing around celebrating ourselves and our achievements. Especially at this point, we may feel we can't celebrate how far we’ve come because there is still (always) more to do. However, this month is giving you time to spend in celebration and in looking back – where have you come from and where are you now? Spend that time honoring your achievements and growth. Measure backwards. It's in looking back that we can see how far we have really come.
Advice: reflect on your growth and open your heart to yourself so you may see yourself accurately, with love, compassion and pride.
Cancer: The Tower
Before we can begin again, we need to let go of that which already is. Allow the waves of destruction and change to wash upon your shore. Trust that you will continue to have all that you need during this time and that the storm will pass, and waves of regrowth will take their place. Until then, surrender to what is exiting your life. Things need to go, even if we were not aware of it until now. Cancer, you are a sign inherently connected to the spiritual – rely on your intuition and practice ground you through the chaos and uncertainty of this time, knowing that this is truly nothing to be afraid of. When the divine comes into our lives with their lightning bolt, something important is happening. This is step one of the transformation process. Be kind and gentle to yourself and let it all play out for the time being.
Advice: surrender and let go
Leo: The Chariot
The chariot comes up when we find ourselves at an impasse – either we take a risk and move forward into the unknown or we stay comfortable where we are but give up the chance of growth. Both options are yours, but with the Venus retrograde in Leo coming to an end, it's likely you have learned more about the desires of your heart. Are you ready to now follow them? To take action with what the lessons of the retrograde taught you? The chariot asks you to be brave, to connect with your will and allow yourself to follow it. Some things must go in order to continue on your path. It won't necessarily be easy, but there is no chance of moving forward if you don't take the leap and follow your heart.
Advice: decide and then act (follow what drives you)
Virgo: 8 of Swords
This month sees you doing work with your thought patterns. Spend this month (gently and lovingly) analyzing yourself and the thoughts that keep you stuck. When the 8 of Swords is present in our lives we can feel incredibly trapped, like there's some sort of a cage around us. However, any places of limitation or restriction are revealing themselves to be illusions created by the mind. Dig deeper until you begin to see the spaces in between in which you find empowerment, movement and freedom. This month may be on the more challenging side, but Mercury retrograde and the first half of September in your season are conspiring together to help you with this. The only way out is through. It's time to move forward, but first, you must confront the thing that keeps you stuck.
Advice: go within and question the limitations around you – find empowerment through the process so you can free yourself from any restraining circumstance
Libra: 2 of Swords
The message for this month is to stop over-thinking. The 2 of swords comes up when we feel we are split in half with options and subsequent anxiety. This month, allow yourself to take a break. Pause; be still. The energy of your season is one of reflection, balance and harmony. Respond to this energy and sway back into balance. Once you quiet your mind you will finally be able to hear what your intuition has to offer to your concerns. And, here’s a 2 of swords secret: this card almost always indicates that there is a third path, one that you really want to take, that hasn't yet revealed itself. Only once you are still can this third choice emerge via the communication of your intuition. Till then, it is best not to act or make a decision even though you're feeling urgency to do so. It can most likely wait. Work instead on soothing your nervous system and simply enjoy the moment.
Advice: take a break, stop over-thinking, and be still
Scorpio: 4 of Cups RV
This month sees you in further introspection. Good thing is this will probably wrap up around the end of the month and you won't find yourself in this space of non-action much longer. But until then, use this time to rest and more importantly, reevaluate. The retrogrades have been bringing reflection and lessons and this month will see you processing what you have learned. Allow this process to take its time, we are working with our emotions and the subconscious so its best to take our hands off the wheel (and mind our judgments) and just allow this to happen the way it will. Simply be present with your emotions and inner world – it's vital now that you do so. From there, change is inevitable.
Advice: process your emotions, integrate your lessons and reevaluate from there
Sagittarius: 6 of Swords
The focus here is on not just emotional processing, but on the release of emotional baggage. Things might feel heavier right now but know that you are in a period of release. Use this month to continue traveling through your emotional waters and let go of anything you find there that has been weighing you down or is simply no longer relevant to your current story/who you are now. When the last thing you are meant to let go of at this particular time finds its place in the dark ocean of surrendered things, you will look up and realize you are on dry land, and it is not where you started from but some place better. Anything that comes up that is less than desired is letting you know that you can release it now.
Advice: Let go
Capricorn: Judgment
This card speaks to an awakening – a shift in our paradigm and in our being that propels us into a rebirth. Judgement says to look closer at what you are being given and wait for the moment of epiphany. This card is connected to divine intervention -- universal forces outside of us that are coming in to make necessary changes and facilitate major breakthroughs. It is an unearthing as much as it is a transformation. This card is ruled by Pluto so there is excavation work to be done before we reach the moment of clarity and truth. Keep digging and surrender to whatever is going on that is larger to you – trust that the Universe is working directly with you right now.
Advice: when the moment of awakening comes, respond to it. Allow yourself to be changed by it
Aquarius: 3 of Cups RV
Upright, this card often speaks to the literal gathering of friends – being surrounded by loved ones in celebration. In the reversal, it's more introverted and associated with our spiritual team letting us know that we can hang with them too. We can take this deeper, and also invite loving, joyful connection to parts of ourselves that we have been avoiding or under-loving. This card represents a reunion, so a reunion with yourself and your Guides is fitting. Also possible is a reunion with someone from your past and in this case it may not be entirely welcomed. Or maybe Venus Retrograde already brought you that reunion and now some processing and reconnecting to the heart space is in order. Either way, say yes to the unconventional channels of joy that are being offered to you. It may not be what it typically looks like but you can let loose this month and have more fun.
Advice: Connect with the love and joy that you is around you
Pisces: 10 of Swords RV
You are in the midst of a deep inner shedding – a snake skin moment of rebirth. This card represents the smaller version of the Death card and is about letting go of who we currently are, and the thoughts attached to that person, so that we can make room for a new us to emerge in its place. This is a tense inner experience as we sort through all that is ready to be put to rest. Gently surrender it now and trust that this process is bringing transformation and healing with it. It's time for an upgraded and updated version of who you are and thought patterns and narratives you hold.
Advice: Let go, surrender and compost the old so that the new has fertile soil to grow in