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Candle || 9" Jumbo Candle

Candle || 9" Jumbo Candle

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This listing is for one jumbo candle. 

Size: 9" tall, 1.5" diameter

About: Jumbo candles are thicker and burn far longer than the 4" candles. These candles can be inscribed, dressed with oils, and used for spiritual practices and magical spells. Burns for approximately 9 hours. 

Black candles are used for sucking up and destroying negative energy. Often used in banishing or protection rituals and used in abundance during Samhain rituals and celebration. 

Use blue candles to absorb sorrow, enhance communication, and promote sleep and healing. Use in rituals for peace, healing, or communication, or meditate with a blue candle to obtain wisdom from your guides. Represents the ocean and sky.

Brown candles are useful for spells involving pets, animals, or nature. Use in pet protection and healing spells. Brown candles are also good for house blessing, grounding, and stability spells. 

Gold candles symbolize solar energy and attract luck, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Gray / Grey
Use a grey candle to promote stability, neutrality, and balance.

Use to attract money, success, fertility, and employment. Absorbs jealousy greed. Promotes prosperity and rejuvenation. Represents nature and the planet Venus.

Lavender candles are used to get closer with spirit and draw wisdom from the universe. 

Light Blue
Light Blue candles are used to promote peace, inspiration, and truth.  

Orange candled are used for courage, vitality, and joy.  

Pink candles are perfect for romance or love spells but also work well for self-love and friendship spells. If you're looking to be kinder to others or kinder to yourself you can't go wrong with pink. 

Use a purple candle for healing, to enhance psychic ability, and increase motivation

Use a red candle for attraction, sexuality, romance, and power. 

Silver candles symbolize lunar energy and attract success and stability. They are also useful for repelling negative energy and increasing psychic ability.

White candles are burned to cleanse spaces of negative energy, for spiritual guidance, or for lunar magic spells.

Yellow candles bring joy and confidence. They are great for drawing in solar energy and burning away imperfections. 
*Disclaimer Metaphysical claims are based on lore, history, and personal experience and should not take the place of professional medical care.