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6" Taper Candles

6" Taper Candles

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This listing is for one candle.

Size 6" tall, 3/4" diameter

Ingredients 100% Paraffin Wax with a clean burning lead free cotton wick, glass

About - 

  • White candles are burned to cleanse spaces of negative energy, for spiritual guidance, or for lunar magic spells.
  • Use a red candle for attraction, sexuality, romance, and power. 
  • Use a green candle to attract money, success, fertility, and employment. Absorbs jealousy greed. Promotes prosperity and rejuvenation. Represents nature and the planet Venus.
  • Yellow candles bring joy and confidence. They are great for drawing in solar energy and burning away imperfections. 

*Disclaimer Metaphysical claims are based on lore, history, and personal experience and should not take the place of professional medical care.