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A Modern Guide to Heathenry: Lore, Celebrations, and Mysteries of the Northern Traditions by Galina Krasskova

A Modern Guide to Heathenry: Lore, Celebrations, and Mysteries of the Northern Traditions by Galina Krasskova

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An accessible yet in-depth guide to this increasingly popular pre-Christian religious tradition of Northern Europe

Heathenry, is one of the fastest growing polytheistic religious movements in the United States today. This book explores the cosmology, values, ethics, and rituals practiced by modern heathens.

In A Modern Guide to Heathenry readers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred stories of the various heathen gods like Odin, Frigga, Freya, and Thor and will be granted a look into the devotional practices of modern votaries. Blóts, the most common devotional rites, are examined in rich detail with examples given for personal use. Additionally, readers are introduced to the concept of wyrd, or fate, so integral to the heathen worldview.

Unlike many books on heathenry, this one is not denomination-specific, nor does it seek to overwhelm the reader with unfamiliar Anglo-Saxon or Norse terminology. For Pagans who wish to learn more about the Norse deities or those who are new to heathenry or who are simply interested in learning about this unique religion, A Modern Guide to Heathenry is the perfect introduction. Those who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work as well.

Galina Krasskova is a heathen and has been a priest of Odin and Loki since the early 1990s. She holds a diploma from the New Seminary, a BA in cultural studies with a concentration in religious studies from Empire State College, and an MA in religious studies from New York University. She has presented at prestigious academic conferences including those held at Harvard, Santa Barbara University, Fordham University, CUNY Graduate Center, and Ohio State University.

When Galina Krasskova's Exploring the Northern Tradition first came out in 2005, it represented a coming of age of sorts not only in the Heathen, but in the larger polytheist community. The intervening years have been filled with exciting developments in the world of polytheism, and Krasskova has been at the cutting edge of most, if not all of them. This new edition of her groundbreaking book offers a chance for new readers to gain the full benefit of her constantly deepening insight and piety." --Dr. Edward Butler, PhD and author of Essays on a Polytheistic Philosophy of Religion and Essays on Plato--Dr. Edward Butler, PhD

"Galina Krasskova continues to be one of the most unique and impassioned voices in modern Heathenry. Her devotion to the gods and the ancestors is both palpable and contagious." --Dagulf Loptson, author of Playing with Fire--Dagulf Loptson