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Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms: Abridged Travel Edition

Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms: Abridged Travel Edition

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IF you are looking for spiritual guidance in your life, this may be the most important book you will ever own. All you need to fulfill your inner most desires, dreams and wishes is a match, ordinary candles, incense and the ability to recite a specific Psalm from Scripture.


Overcome Depression, Experience Great Joy, Overcome Attackers And Robbers, Be Protected From Suffering, Keep Bad Luck Away, Receive Instructions In Dreams, Receive Great Strength, Regain Peace With A Person You Have Had A Falling Out With, Receive Divine Grace, Love And Mercy, Help In Court Cases, Obtain Great Financial Rewards, Have A Strong Will, Attract Love And Friendship, Banish Marriage Problems, Bring About Good Fortune, Bring Prosperity And Money Into Your Life...and much, much more.

Here is your personal Abridged Edition of Wm Oribello's classic that can be placed in your bag or jacket pocket to bring you immediate rewards. Stripped of its related background information, this digest sized book contains the most vital information necessary to utilize the hidden meaning of each of the Psalms. Keep the larger, more detailed, edition at home while you carry the mighty power of the Lord with you at all times.