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Candle  || Chakra Pillar

Candle || Chakra Pillar

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This listing is for one candle.

Size: 7" tall, 1.5" diameter

Violet/Crown: This violet candle resonates with the crown chakra. This chakra is associated with our connection with universal energies.

Indigo/Third Eye: This indigo candle resonates with the third eye chakra.  This chakra is associated with forgiveness and compassion.

Throat/Blue: This blue candle resonates with the throat chakra.  This chakra is associated with physical and spiritual communication.

Heart/Green: This green candle resonates with the heart chakra.  This chakra is associated with love and responsibility.

 Yellow/Solar Plexus: This yellow candle resonates with the solar plexus chakra.  This chakra is associated with power and ego.

Orange/Sacral: This orange candle resonates with the sacral chakra.  This chakra is associated with emotion, creativity, and sexuality.

Red/Root: This red candle resonates with the root chakra.  This chakra represents grounding and survival.

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