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Grapeseed Oil (Refined)

Grapeseed Oil (Refined)

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This listing is for one bottle of oil.

Size: 16 0z

About:  Our Grapeseed Oil is expeller pressed from the seed of Vitis vinifera and refined, producing a superior quality oil. It has a mild odor with a delicious, light, sweet and delicate nutty flavor.

Vegetable oils are healthful and flavorful and provide many essential nutrients to the body, and they make a healthy and nourishing addition to body care products and a flavorful addition to culinary dishes and baked goods.

  • This oil contains antioxidants, vitamins E and C, and beta-carotene, and is known for its moisturizing properties.
  • It is widely used in skin and hair care products, and is also suitable for culinary purposes.
  • Because of its smooth texture, Grapeseed Oil is a great carrier oil for skin care and aromatherapy products because it penetrates into your skin quickly, and it absorbs without leaving a greasy residue.