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Hoodoo: 4 BOOKS IN 1 by Mirella Williamson and Mamanu Niarè

Hoodoo: 4 BOOKS IN 1 by Mirella Williamson and Mamanu Niarè

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Are you confident that the world as you know it cannot be influenced?

Prepare to be enraptured, informed, and aroused...

You can't deny it. As we know, the world has certain oddities, coincidences, and fortunes attributed to the spiritual sphere since ancient times. If you are reading these lines, you probably also believe that there are supernatural forces capable of influencing our reality...

But is it really possible to reach out to these forces and get wondrous benefits from their energy in your daily life?

This revealing collection was written to answer that question. With engaging writing and a down-to-earth, practical style, this 4-in-1 bundle book is all you need to learn working rituals and powerful spells to shape your reality. Here's everything you'll discover in this best-seller book collection:


An eye-opening guide to the deepest realities of the African folk magic tradition
A complete guide to powerful rituals & spells used to change fate for the better
All the hidden tools of the Conjuror: incense, dolls, spirit houses, oils, candles, and mojo Bag


A breathtaking guide to herbal magic using roots, herbs, and other natural remedies
Dozens of cards to learn the magical effects and properties of herbs and how to use them
Magical herbal correspondences along with practical, proven practices for achieving the things you desire from your life


The unique reason hoodoo folk magic is kept hidden from the masses and why you are not among them
A rich collection of guided procedures for casting your first magic spells successfully
Dozens of working magic practices get love, revenge, money, respect, and much more...


A comprehensive introduction to candle magic, what it is, and why it hides immense power
Learn about magical correspondences and how candle color and moon phases can affect your magic
How to make candle dressing to get even more magical power and shake reality with your wishes

Even if you've never dealt with magical practices, this guide will take you step by step to everything you need to know to the art of magic. Explore the hoodoo world in this friendly and accessible guide to rituals, spells, and other traditional folk magic...

What are you waiting for? - Grab your copy today and get ready to accomplish what you desire.