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Hoodoo for Love and Prosperity by Angelie Belard

Hoodoo for Love and Prosperity by Angelie Belard

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Are you ready to bring love and prosperity into your life?

Hoodoo for Love and Prosperity will help you bring love into your life, restore the spark to your relationship, show you how to draw money to yourself, and teach you magic to become financially successful.

Hoodoo is old North American folk magic, born from African spiritual traditions brought over by slaves. Over the centuries it incorporated Native American and European influences, using what worked and discarding what did not. What is left is an adaptable, powerful magical system that works.

In Hoodoo for Love and Prosperity you'll discover:

  • Why different parts of the honeysuckle vine can be used for love, prosperity, and crossing work.
  • How licorice root can be used for gaining control.
  • How to use a sweet potato to improve a relationship.
  • The best time to perform a Road Opener and how to do it.
  • Why pine needles can bring you wealth.

And much more!

In this book you'll learn 50 authentic Hoodoo workings for love and prosperity. Each spell will focus on one key ingredient, explaining why that ingredient is used, so you can learn to make your own magic. Each comes with simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.