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Kuumba Made Facial Mist
Kuumba Made Facial Mist

Kuumba Made Facial Mist

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This listing is for one bottle of facial spray.

Size: 3.4oz

About: Kuumba Made Botanical Facial Mists nourish, tone, and replenish the skin. These precious plant waters help to restore the skin’s moisture balance and enhance absorption of all serums and oils.
Also known as hydrosols, they are made using a steam distillation technique that has been used for centuries. This process gives them similar properties to essential oils while being much less concentrated, offering the face gentle and profound hydration.

To Use: Mist face anytime throughout the day to hydrate and refresh complexion.
For deep replenishment, pair with our nourishing Facial Oils and Serums by using our Oil & Mist routine after cleansing.

Frankincense: Once more precious than gold, Frankincense’s ancient wisdom restores inner clarity and a youthful glow. Two toning and rejuvenating varieties of Boswellia create this sanctifying blend: a harmony of sweet and earthy resins!

White Sage: Traditionally used for ceremonial cleansing, White Sage has a fresh and herbaceous scent that is famously purifying and stabilizing. This soothing Facial Mist is gently astringent, cooling, and softening.