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Magical Fashionista Book by Tess Whitehurst

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Discover how fashion can help you be your most authentic self, attract good fortune, and manifest what you desire. When your beautiful inner and outer realities match, you’ll revel in the magic of each day.

Far from being superficial, fashion with intention can be a powerful, life-affirming practice. Build a wardrobe of items that enhances your unique attributes and personal magnetism. Select clothes, shoes, and accessories—including what you already own—that will make you look and feel your best. Put together empowering outfits for every occasion with simple guidance on everything from color, material, and pattern to gemstones, nail polish, and tattoos. Drawing on astrology, feng shui, psychology, and more, this fun, mystical fashion guide will help you express your true essence and activate your happiness and success.

"Tess Whitehurst illuminates the deeper, more magical side of fashion with humor, heart, and brilliance, giving the reader the tools and inspiration needed to reclaim their everyday glamour."—Melanie Marquis, author of The Witch's Bag of Tricks

"Sure to be welcomed by the open-minded fashion lover." —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY