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Mindful Path Through Anxiety by Tanya Peterson

Mindful Path Through Anxiety by Tanya Peterson

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Find peace and calm in 8 weeks-an essential guide to mindfulness

Curb the anxiety in your life and resist the things that are worrying you with mindfulness. The Mindful Path Through Anxiety gives you everything you need to bring this soothing and stress-relieving practice into your life.

Mindfulness can help you find calm by teaching you how to focus on the present moment while muting the mentally exhausting thoughts swirling around you. Over eight weeks, you'll gain a better understanding of your anxiety, learn how to confront negative thoughts, and embrace a simple mindfulness practice through compassionate and understanding lessons.

The Mindful Path Through Anxiety features:

  • 8 Weeks to peace-Take things one week at a time with a plan that walks you through overcoming your anxiety by focusing on one success at a time.
  • Master mindfulness-Get comprehensive guidance that teaches you essential strategies for living in the moment and fostering a soothing sense of peace.
  • Practical techniques-Discover a medication-free way to manage your anxiety with simple, straightforward, and calming exercises that anyone can do.


Start down the path to peace and freedom from anxiety today.