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Modern Wicca by Rowan Morgana

Modern Wicca by Rowan Morgana

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Lighting the Wiccan path for the modern practitioner

The magickal practice of Wicca centers devotion to nature, promotes peace and balance, and embraces self-determination. Walk down the divine path with Modern Wicca, an up-to-date overview of the principles of the faith. Whether you're just starting out or have already begun your journey, this inclusive guide can help you focus your intentions and claim your personal power.

Learn the history of Wicca, and find out how it has evolved into the modern day. Get acquainted with common deities of the Wiccan traditions, observe the spiritual significance of the holidays, and celebrate the full moon's monthly cycles. Details for creating altars, gathering tools, and spellcasting offer plenty of possibilities to adapt and enrich your worship.

Inside Modern Wicca, you'll find:

  • Diverse traditions--Explore the variety of belief systems, and examine the pros and cons of joining a coven or practicing Wicca solitarily.
  • The power of spells--Harness spell casting for positive change with 8 spells for protection, house purification, healing, and more.
  • Rituals and rites--Learn 8 key rituals to foster connection with the moon and sun, Goddess and God, and Mother Earth throughout life.

Step into the light of the Wiccan way with the guidance of Modern Wicca.

Review Quotes:

"Rowan's book is a concise and comprehensive introduction to Wicca for beginners that is easy to read and understand." --Kerr Cuhulain, Wiccan author and Preceptor General of the Order of Paladins

"This book lays before the reader, whether young or old, both the basic covenants of the craft and a stepping stone for the path ahead. Even if you have years of experience behind you, Wicca is an ever-evolving path, and it doesn't hurt to keep abreast of this evolution. I recommend Rowan's book to all those who seriously wish to study and practice the universal craft of Wicca." --Serena Cairns, author of Father of Lies

"Rowan Morgana takes readers on an educational and fun journey, delving into modern day Wicca. A guide about traditions, rituals, and living a magickal lifestyle. A must read for the spiritual person." --Julia Finucane, artist and owner of Two Cats Witchery

"Want to be a modern witch? Start here!" --Lord Alexian, Alexandrian High Priest, AlexianMusic.com

"In Modern Wicca: Beliefs and Traditions for Contemporary Life, Rowan Morgana has created a heartfelt and accessible guide to modern Wiccan beliefs and practices. Rowan presents the beliefs and customs of contemporary Wicca, magical practice, Wiccan rituals, and Rites of Passage in a straightforward way that can be of benefit to anyone starting their Wiccan path." --Reverend Don Lewis HP, founder of Witch School International, witchschool.com

Rowan Morgana has been a Wiccan Priestess and coven sister for more than 20 years. She is a Crone and Craft Elder who specializes in writing spells and rituals.