Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide by Marilyn Walker, PhD,

Sacred Geometry: An A-Z Reference Guide by Marilyn Walker, PhD,

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Discover the history and core elements of sacred geometry

From polymath Al-Khwarizmi to the celestial zodiac, learn how geometry is used to define our world and beyond. Sacred Geometry unveils how the scientific and spiritual are connected with dozens of informative entries covering the people, practices, and natural wonders that are core to understanding the significance of basic geometric shapes and proportions.

This comprehensive reference guide takes a holistic approach to exploring sacred geometry, showing you how it has manifested throughout history, as well as how it ties into every aspect of the world around you. All the information you need to truly understand is right here in your hands.

Sacred Geometry includes:

  • Sacred geometry, A-Z--Explore the ways in which sacred geometry is found everywhere, with entries covering math, nature, different types of spiritualities, and more.
  • Easy-to-use organization--Get a simple-to-navigate--but highly detailed--reference guide that's accessible and useful to newly interested and dedicated esoterics alike.
  • Informative illustrations--Understand and visualize the truth of sacred geometry with the help of detailed and full-color images.

Deepen your understanding of the world through the secrets of sacred geometry.

Here is a book for every artist! As an oil painter, I became enthralled as I discovered the many applications of Sacred Geometry that have been used in historic paintings, architecture, design, and related fields. For anyone interested in how nature and art crossover, you will find this a fascinating read. This guide is simply inspiring! Dr. Walker shows a deep reverence for understanding the order of the universe." --Kat Thompson, Artist