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Altar Table || Small, No Drawer
Altar Table || Small, No Drawer

Altar Table || Small, No Drawer

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This listing is for one altar table. 

Size: 7.5" x 5" 

About: Use this table as a tiny altar or to add space onto your altar. 

Pentacle: Each of the five points of the pentacle has their own meaning. The upward represents the spirit. The remaining four points represent an element; earth, air, fire, and water. The encasing circle is representative of the circle of life, which has no end an no beginning. Pentacles are symbols of balance and protection.

Triquetra: The triquetra is a Latin word, meaning “triangular” or “three-cornered.” It is one of the oldest Celtic symbols, dating back to 500 BC. It has been used to symbolize both the Triple Goddess and the Holy Trinity. Assorted gemstones, size and color will vary.

*Disclaimer Metaphysical claims are based on lore, history, and personal experience and should not take the place of professional medical care.