Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance by Emily Fletcher

Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance by Emily Fletcher

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You know you should be meditating, so what's stopping you?

In our high-stress, overworked lives, we think the answer to accomplishing more is to do more. But the best advantage we can give ourselves is to do less--to spend a few minutes a day giving the body and brain deep, healing rest. Did you know that a brief meditation can offer rest that's five times deeper than sleep? This makes those who practice more productive than if they took an hour-long nap or had a cup of coffee.

While on her mission to eradicate the world of unnecessary suffering, Emily Fletcher has taught at Google, Barclays Bank, and Harvard Business School, and she has trained winners of the Oscar, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy awards; Navy SEALs; world-class physicians; CEOs; and professional athletes. In Stress Less, Accomplish More, she shares these same tools so that anyone can benefit from her fifteen-minute, twice-daily plan. Now you can learn to recharge anytime. All you need is a few minutes and a chair. (No apps, incense, or finger cymbals required.)

This is not just another meditation book. In Stress Less, Accomplish More, you'll learn a powerful trifecta of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting to improve your personal and professional performance. These tools can revolutionize your mental clarity, physical health, sex life, and sleep. You'll learn how to cultivate mindfulness through brief but powerful exercises that will help you to stop stressing. Plus, you'll get manifesting tools to help you get crystal clear on your goals for the future.

Filled with fascinating real-life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical knowledge, this remarkable book introduces you to a revelatory daily practice and shows you how to make it work for your modern life--all the while making it fun and entertaining.