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Rune Stones  ||  Sunstone   || with instructions and embroidered pouch

Rune Stones || Sunstone || with instructions and embroidered pouch

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This listing is for one set of runes.
Size: Each rune is approximately 1/2" inch in diameter.
Properties: Sunstone promotes happiness, stamina, and confidence. Sunstone is said to help sever negative, energy-draining ties from other people. Sunstone is believed to attract the power of the sun, and is said to help bring strength, luck, and wealth to its owner.
About: These lovely runes come with a sheet of instructions as well as a pouch! 
Runes are one of the first divination tools and have been in use for hundreds of years. The symbols, a Germanic alphabet dating back to the Viking Age, all have specific mystical meanings that can be interpreted similarly to tarot cards. Runes are not quite as specific as tarot cards and often require greater intuition and practice to read, but can provide deep insights once mastered.
Traditional Celtic and Viking symbols have a deep history and meaning. We condemn any attempts to hijack these sacred symbols to advance hatred and racism. We stand for love, justice, diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality, and honoring all people. 

*Disclaimer Metaphysical claims are based on lore, history, and personal experience and should not take the place of professional medical care.