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Tarot for Pregnancy: A Companion for Radical Magical Birthing Folks

Tarot for Pregnancy: A Companion for Radical Magical Birthing Folks

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Tarot for Pregnancy is the perfect gift for every magical parent-to-be in your lifeguiding them through the history, mystery, and ritual that is both tarot and pregnancy.

Tarot for Pregnancy: A Companion for Radical Magical Birthing Folks is for par­ents-to-be who want to tap into internal and ancestral wisdom on the journey to and through parent­hood.

Brittany Carmona-Holt is an intuitive tarot reader as well as a full-spectrum doula, marrying her two passions to offer a rare un­derstanding of the birth journey and an esoteric guide to the life-altering experience of giving life.

Filled with incredible artwork by Kimberly Rodriguez (IG: Poetagoddess), 
Tarot for Pregnancy is the perfect book for any soon-to-be (or already) parent—and a sure-to-be staple at every baby shower in the future!

Written for both the amateur tarot fan and the initiated birth activist, 
Tarot for Pregnancy offers a rare tour-de-force, opening up the tarot as both a guide to the future and a handbook for the important activism that modern birthing requires.

Carmona-Holt's book offers tactical guidance and rituals to guide the reader's birthing experience, empowering them to connect to their ancestral truths in order greet their baby on their own terms.

Grounded by two critical essays, History [Mystery] of the Tarot by Sanyu Estelle Nagenda, “The Word Witch,” and The History of Birth in the United States by Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, “Doctor Midwife,” 
Tarot for Pregnancy guides readers to better understand the history, mystery, and ritual of both Tarot and pregnancy.

Throughout the book, Carmona-Holt helps reader to better understand, experience, and advocate for their soon-to-be baby by utilizing the magic of the tarot to guide and empower them.

Filled with illustrated pearls of wisdom, 
Tarot for Pregnancy offers a trauma-informed, antirac­ist, and evidence-based spiritual resource for folks wanting to make intuition-led decisions about their care during pregnan­cy and birth.

Tarot for Pregnancy aims to inspire and ignite those who wish to utilize their journeys to birth as a means of activism, personal empowerment, and magical parenting.

Brittany Carmona-Holt (aka The Birth Witch) is a full spec­trum doula and instructor, community midwife's assistant, tarot reader, poet, reproductive justice advocate, partner to Alex, and parent to Kahlo Sol. She received her education and from Mama Glow and is still constantly continuing her education on all experi­ences along the reproduc­tive continuum. Her purpose is to help reignite the cellular wisdom in pregnant, birthing, and post­partum folks so they may reconnect with their innate power.

Kimberly Rodriguez is a first-generation Xicana Indigena artist and the eldest daughter of two undocumented parents who occupies so-called Oakland, CA, land to the Ohlone peoples. Kimberly's art, inclusive of different body types, is rooted in her culture and her decolonizing journey.