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Tarot & Tequila: A Tarot Guide with Cocktails

Tarot & Tequila: A Tarot Guide with Cocktails

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Embrace the magic of tarot and perfectly match the cards with mixed drinks in this beautifully illustrated bar book.


"Don't take advice from tequila, that's the tarot's job."


Tarot & Tequila is a positive and spiritually uplifting guide that includes both basic and humorous tequila-inspired meanings of all 78 tarot cards that both beginners and experienced tarot card readers will relate to.


Featuring 40 cocktail recipes--one for each Major Arcana card plus bonus Minor Arcana drinks, too--based on the attributes of the cards themselves, as well as a mystical pairing that explains why professional tarot card reader David Ross chose to pair each card to their respective drink, this magical mixology book can be used as both a guide and a recipe book.


Try drinks like:
-The High Priestess, an elixir of tequila, lemon juice, thyme, and seltzer
-The Chariot, a tequila version of a Moscow Mule, with lemon, beet, and apple juices
-The Four of Wands, a positive concoction of rum, homemade fennel liqueur, and more


Perfect for fans of drinking, bartending, and tarot alike, this beautifully illustrated book makes both a perfect gift and a must-have addition to any home bar.