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Tea With Death by Abigail Wildes

Tea With Death by Abigail Wildes

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Miss Abigail Wildes & Miss Jeanna Pappas cordially invite you to tea. Other guests include Death herself, the ghost of a blackbird, a spattering of Witches, a few tortured souls, and two zombie BFFs.

Slip into this surprising book of illustrated poetry and find yourself utterly swept away in beauty, depth, horror and wicked hilarity! Oh, and here's your cup of tea - we promise it's not poisoned! Enjoy.

In a world where beautiful smiles hide dark hearts, your own inner evil awaits your arrival. Written by Abigail Wildes and illustrated by Jeanna Pappas, this dark and wonderous poetry book has the depth and themes of Poe with the feel and fun of Silverstein, all puncuated by fascinating artwork.

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