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The Art of Magick: The Mystery of Deep Magick & Divine Rituals by Gabriyell Sarom

The Art of Magick: The Mystery of Deep Magick & Divine Rituals by Gabriyell Sarom

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The Step-by-step practical guide to Magick and Divine Rituals

For thousands of years, mankind has been practicing magick under different denominations, traditions, and systems. However, in today's world, magick seems to have been left behind, collecting dirt, buried in the dark corners of human history. This is no surprise. Fear, dogma, and disreputable arcane teachings appear to have assaulted it. But this is not authentic magick.

Real magick is a beautiful system that stood untouched throughout the ages. It is a mystifying expedition into the exotic realms of the unknown, manifesting profound change within and without. Now, it's time to illuminate it anew, leaving all of these lightless tenets behind once and for all.

The magick presented in this book is vehemently pragmatic, unique, and innovative. It is not the customary approach of regurgitating magickal traditionalism. Don't expect to find that same approach and teachings here. This work doesn't tackle superficial magick, but magick for profound self-transformation and self-transcendence.

The magickal practices and rituals are divided into primary and secondary phases which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Designing Magick Rituals
  2. Higher States of Consciousness and Magickal Trances
  3. Magickal Seals & Symbology
  4. Energy, Force, and Manifestation
  5. Magickal Purification, Healing, and Protection
  6. Using Magick to Transcend the Self
  7. Magick of the Subconscious Mind
  8. Sacred Elemental Energy
  9. Voyage Into the Depths of Akasha
  10. Fire-Born Emptiness
  11. Divine Signs
  12. Black Magick vs. White Magick
  13. Magickal God-Force
  14. Manifestation of God-Consciousness Magick
  15. Deep Magick

We sincerely hope the reader enjoys this work and that it may serve as an impetus of inspiration that reveals the timeless art of magick.