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The Audacity 2: Time Warp by Carmen Laura Loup

The Audacity 2: Time Warp by Carmen Laura Loup

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May’s career as an interstellar rocket racer is just ramping up. She’s got a stunning ship, her best friend Xan for a co-pilot, and a rocket-full of winnings. But obscenely good luck can’t last forever, and May has been racing in a stolen ship. When Xan’s arrested by a tea-sipping, goddess-possessed pink robot for a crime he can’t bring himself to explain without baking analogies, May’s career is over. With the help of an adventure biologist and her freshly un-dead girlfriend, May and Xan must find a way to change the past before the goddess of Chaos squashes everything May loves. Fun, fast-paced, and surprisingly emotional, The Audacity: Time Warp is a Douglas Adams-esque celebration of weirdness in space.

Witty, hilarious, and current, The Audacity is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the next generation.


For fans of...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Good Omens, Futurama, or Red Dwarf.

Author Bio

Laura Loup is a professional humorologist, illustrator of Tarot in Space, and author of The Audacity space opera series. She writes technicolor fun in space for adults with a dedication to optimism and good humor that shines through even ridiculously horrible situations.