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The Door to Witchcraft: A New Witch's Guide to History, Traditions, and Modern-Day Spells by Tonya Brown

The Door to Witchcraft: A New Witch's Guide to History, Traditions, and Modern-Day Spells by Tonya Brown

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Master the art of modern spell-casting - a bewitching beginner's guide to witchcraft.

Imagine a door between the world you know and a world where tradition, ritual, and the occult lie. The key to unlocking it is in this book. Open it-and invite magic into your life.

The Door to Witchcraft teaches new witches everything they need to know to start their witchcraft practice. From harnessing your natural psychic abilities to manifesting your desires with timeless spells, this book guides you through every step of the magical process.

Inside The Door to Witchcraft you'll discover:

  • Witchcraft through the ages-Learn the history of the craft and the evolution of the practice up to the present day.
  • How to tap into your powers-Decide what kind of witchcraft you want to practice and master fundamental techniques for traditions, rituals, and ceremonies.
  • The art of casting spells-Manifest your intentions with witchcraft spells for love, health, career, friends and family, spiritual work, and protection.

Cross the threshold to the world of witchcraft and let this book be your guide to becoming the witch that you are destined to be.

Review Quotes:

"Amazing new magickal book alert! My dear sister in witchery, Tonya Brown (who is also the visionary creator and editor of Witch Way Magazine) has written her first book! And it's so freakin' good! She wraps her etheric arms and considerable intelligence around the vast topic of witchcraft and offers the number one best guide for newcomers in the world right now. I love this book!"--Fiona Horne, author of The Art of Witch

"Whether you're merely curious or feel deeply called to witchcraft, Tonya Brown welcomes you with open-hearted warmth, uplifting encouragement, and helpful guidance to the life-enriching adventure that witchcraft is meant to be."--Phyllis Curott, one of America's first public witches, activist attorney, and author of the internationally bestselling Book of Shadows, A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess and Wicca Made Easy

"With a flexible paradigm for those inclined to the ways of the wyrd, Tonya Brown shows you not only where the door to witchcraft is, but how to open it and walk through it. This book will get you going in your own practice of the craft and has a wealth of practical information."--Christopher Penczak, award-winning author and co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft tradition

"The Door To Witchcraft is visually beautiful, having an alluring aesthetic that is sure to appeal to younger witches learning about witchcraft from questionable sources such as Tumblr or Instagram alone. And that's the best part of this book, the fact that the reader will get good information and more importantly a fairly solid overview of the history of witchcraft. . ."--Mat Auryn, Patheos (