The Stranger in the Cup by Gregory Lee White and Catherine Yronwode

The Stranger in the Cup by Gregory Lee White and Catherine Yronwode

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Tea leaf reading is an age-old form of divination that has followed the tea trade around the globe, touching many cultures along the way. The Stranger in the Cup will teach you the secret lore of teacup magic, including how to select a cup, how to choose the best tea for a reading, how to brew the tea, and how to give amazing tasseomantic readings.

With a full dictionary of more than 800 tea leaf symbols, plus dozens of sample cup interiors that will show you exactly what the leaves reveal, this book will guide you from beginner to expert cup reader in no time.

Along the way, you will learn the history of tea, the history of tea-leaf reading, and the history of the rare tea cups specially marked for cartomancy, numerology, and astrology readings, as well as the history of the woman-led Tea Room Movement of the 20th century that made tea-leaf reading the preferred fortune-telling method of the radical Suffragettes.

Profusely illustrated, beautifully laid out, and deeply descriptive, this is a book to treasure or to share with a special friend.

Gregory Lee White is the co-proprietor of aromaG's Botanica. He is a writer, psychic reader, certified clinical aromatherapist, and teacher of Appalachian folk magic. He lives in Tennessee with his husband and several curious cats. 

Catherine Yronwode is the co-proprietor of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. A writer, teacher, psychic reader, and spiritual pastor, she lives in Northern California with her husband, a dog, cats, and chickens.