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Unbleached Tea Bags

Unbleached Tea Bags

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This listing is for package of 100 tea bags.

Size  3" x 3.75"

Material: Cotton

About: Made from unbleached all-natural paper, includes 1 box of 100 tea bags; each measures 3 x 3.75-inches. Beyond Gourmet's Unbleached Tea Bags brews a robust cup of tea without any glue, chlorine, phosphates, or other contents that could change its flavor. Drawstring closure offers hassle-free use; natural paper filters out more sediment than traditional mesh tea infusers; ideal for finer-grade loose tea. Steeps 3-6 cups of tea; ideal for steeping black tea, oolong, green tea, chai, chamomile, herbal teas, and mulling spices. Single-use, easy to fill, and disposable, fully compostable, and biodegradable.

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