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Herb  || 1 oz White Willow Bark Herb, Cut and Sifted

Herb || 1 oz White Willow Bark Herb, Cut and Sifted

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This listing is for one 1oz bag of white willow bark. 
Size:  1oz
Herb: White Willow Bark
Properties:  White Willow Bark has a history of being used when contacting spirits. Burn as an offering to spirits or deities. It may be used in a bath to promote spiritual and emotional healing, helping to release pent up emotions. It may also be added to love spells or satchels to attract new love into your life. 
About: Not edible, not intended for use in cooking, teas, or medicine.
Warning: Use in persons with sensitivity to aspirin or other salicylate-containing drugs is cautioned. Use in persons with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is cautioned.
*Disclaimer Metaphysical claims are based on lore, history, and personal experience and should not take the place of professional medical care.